Kanpur – History, geography and tourist attractions

Kanpur beautiful city

Kanpur City
Kanpur is the most crucial industrial centre in Uttar Pradesh. It’s now called the state’s capital.

Geography of Kanpur

Kanpur is located on the banks of river Ganga and on highways that are important no. 2 & 25 and state highway. It has profited from World War-2’s stimulant, the links of transport as well as its agricultural hinterland of the Upper Ganga Valley along with Bundelkhand plateau with its requirement. Besides playing a role Kanpur has been instrumental in making a memorable contribution. History of Kanpur – regarded as set by king Hindu Singh of the state of Sachendi, Kanpur was called Kanhpur’. 

Struggle of Kanpur

Upto the 50% of the century Kanpur continued to live as an insignificant village. European businessmen had by this time progressively started establishing themselves in Kanpur. This city came with Nawab Saadat Ali Khan of Awadh by the treaty of 1801 under the British Rule. This forms a turning point in Kanpur’s history. Soon this city became probably the most crucial Military channels of British India. The 3 events of the 1857 war in this city had been the struggle the massacre, at entrenchment at the Bibighar massacre and Sati Chaura Ghat. Nana Sahib had declared independence in Kanpur on the seventh of June 1857. 

History of Kanpur

The British under Commander Hugh Wheeler hauled from the area to a ground entrenchment. The English garrison surrendered from the a week ago Of June 1857 with regards to safe passage to Allahabad. But when on the morning of June 27, the soldiers with the females and kids were about to embark to the boats in Sati Chaura Ghat, fighting broke out along with majority of the men were killed. The survivors, females and kids were rescued along with imprisoned in Savada Kothi along with afterwards moved to Bibighar from the cantonment magistrates compound. But when it became clear that the rescue forces under General Havelock were approaching the city and the defeat was unavoidable, the captives all females and kids Were massacred along with their dismembered bodies were buried from the well of the chemical on 15th July 1857.

The Bibighar was dismantled from the British along with re-employed in this city along with a memorial railing along with a cross raised in the site of the well. Only the remains of a circular ridge survive, which can be still seen in the Nana Rao Park. The Memorial Church All soul cathedral was raised in honour of the fallen in the north east corner of Wheelers entrenched in 1862 by the British.

Tourist place of Kanpur

Kanpur is a symbol of India’s rich cultural and religious diversity. The churches and mosques of Hindu temples reflect the faith of other communities. It will be important to mention here the prominent Jama Masjid, Memorial Church and Jain Kancha Mandir which present the ancient style of architecture and as the name suggests it is made of glass and decorated with colors. The tours of Kanpur include many temples which you can visit which include Sri Radhakrishna Temple, Bheraggaon Temple and Dwarkadhish Temple.

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